12 Wheat AACViewfield An awned semi-dwarf that delivers high yield, high protein, high test weight, great standability and a comprehensive disease package. This variety is ideal for high yield production systems. • CWRS • 97-117% of check (AC Barrie and Carberry) • Short strong straw • Excellent standability • Maturity +1 day of Carberry • MR to leaf rust • MR to common bunt • R to stripe rust • I to fusarium head blight SYSlate SY Slate is a high yielding early maturing Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat with high protein and an excellent quality profile. SY Slate also has a strong disease package including good tolerance to all rusts and fusarium head blight. • Early maturity • Very good yield potential • Excellent milling and baking profile • I to fusarium head blight • MR to stem rust • R to leaf rust • MR to stripe rust AB SK MB 120 115 110 105 100 95 Source: seed.ab.ca, Sask. Seed 2017, Seed Manitoba 2017 Yield % of Check Province / Variety Yield (% Carberry) SY Slate Carberry Glenn Manitoba 103 100 100 Saskatchewan 107 100 102 Alberta 100 100 99 NEW NEW