14 Wheat Canada Western Red Spring Wheat AACBrandon AAC Brandon is an awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety that when compared to AC® Carberry has +5% grain yield, 0.5 day earlier maturity, 1 cm shorter and similar lodging, tolerance and disease resistance. • Grain yield 105% of AC® Carberry, over all sites in 2009 to 2011 Coop Registration trials • Lodging resistance similar to AC® Carberry • Large seed size • Strong straw • R to leaf rust • R to stem rust • R to loose smut • MR to fusarium head blight AACElie AAC Elie is a high-yielding strong-strawed, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with a broad-based disease resistance. AAC Elie will perform in all environments, consistently and efficiently. • Semi-dwarf, short stature, excellent standability •  Unsurpassed performance in intensive production environments • High test weights • R to leaf rust • R to stem rust • MR to stripe rust • I to fusarium head blight ACCardale AC Cardale is an awned wheat variety offering consistently higher yields with quick dry down and excellence disease resistance. • Good resistance to shattering • Higher yield checks • Semi-dwarf • Good lodging resistance • Improved protien compared to AAC Brandon • R to leaf rust • R to stem rust • MR to fusarium head blight