15 Barley / Oats Barley Canmore • 2-row general purpose barley •  Applications for the feed market as well as the developing shochu market • Very good yields • Medium maturity • Higher percentage plumps and test weight • MR rating to scald • I to fusarium head blight • Very good lodging resistance Oats ACSummit •  A high-yielding white milling oat that is widely accepted by millers • 105-110% of CDC Dancer (check) • Medium maturity • I to crown rust • I to stem rust • R to smut Conlin • 2-row awned barley • Low protein, plump kernels, high test weights • Excellent yield capacities • Early maturity • Medium-short property • R rating to powder mildew • MR to spot-form net blotch and net blotch • MS to spot blotch CSCamden • Very high yields – 107% of AC Morgan • Shorter stature, with better lodging resistance •  Better grain quality than Triactor – higher percentage plump, less thins, higher beta-glucan • Approved milling variety • Excellent lodging resistance • Medium maturity • MS to crown rust • S to stem rust