Grain Corn Varieties

We are proud to represent both Maizex and Pride Seed corn varieties.

tech sheetPride – A4199G2 – 2150 CHU

  • Dual modes of action against European Corn Borer
  • Open Flared senesced husks for enhanced drydown
  • Very early flowering product with competitive yeilds

tech sheetPride – A4939G2 – 2400 CHU

  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Attractive fall appearance with very good ear size and kernel quality
  • Girthly ear with with a semi-flex ear type

tech sheetPride – A4415G2 – 2200 CHU

  • Exceptional uniformity with upright leaf structure
  • Early high performance, duo purpose grain and silage
  • Superior health, drought tolerance, and late season intactness

tech sheetMaizex – MZ1340DBR – 2150 CHU

  • Ultra early flowering
  • Open husks aids grain drydown
  • Excellent grain quality and test weight

tech sheetMaizex – MZ1633DBR  – 2300 CHU

  • Rapid grain drydown
  • Dominate performance
  • Robust plant type
  • Solid agronomic package

tech sheetMaizex – MZ1624DBR– 2300 CHU

  • Strong agronomic package with great Goss’s Wilt protection
  • Excellent test weight
  • Rapid grain drydown


Silage Corn Varieties

tech sheetPride – AS1047RR EDF – 2525 CHU

  • Premium choice for high moisture corn or silage feed
  • Big, big plant with a stout girthy flint grain ear and white cob
  • High tonnage and quality with excellent digestibility characteristics

tech sheetMaizex – LF 730CBR– 2300 CHU

  • Early flowering hybrid
  • Aggressive seedling vigour
  • White cobs for more palatable silage