tech sheetNodulator Liquid (in furrow) 

  • High potency, liquid inoculant
  • Biostacked for greater nodule mass, faster canopy closure and greater vigor
  • Greater yield potential
  • Up to 30 days on-seed survivability

tech sheet Nodulator N/T: Self-adhering Peat

  • Biostacked for delivery of multiple beneficial biologicals to enhance performance of your soybeans
  • Greater yield potential
  • Sterile peat-based carrier with nitrogen-fixing rhizobium and B. subtilis bacterium

tech sheet Nodulator Pro 100 Inoculant System 

  • Biostacked preinoculant system provides the nitrogen-fixing rhizobium of Nodulator Pro plus the biofungicide activity of Integril
  • Unique and exculsive package and bladder system provides up to 60 days of on-seed suvivability
  • Low application volume and preinoculant convenience

tech sheetCell Tech Soybean Granular 

  • A superior single-action inoculant that contains a naturally occurring bacteria that fixes nitrogen from the air, making it available for the plant to use
  • Granular should be applied directly with the seed
  • If a single-action inoculant is all that is needed , Cell Tech is a wise choice

tech sheetNodulator Peat granules (rhizup) 

  • Sterile granular or liquid formulation containing nitrogen-fixing Bradyrhizobium japonicum
  • Increased root biomass with more nitrogen-fixing nodules on every plant
  • Granular: Easy to handle and calibrate
  • Liquid: Convenient, easy-to-use product that can be applied on seed or in furrow


tech sheetNodulator XL Solid Core

  • Highly efficient and more active strain of rhizobia, available in three formulations
  • Peat: Built-in adhesive qualities make inoculation quick and simple
  • Liquid: Convenient, easy-to-use product can be applied up to 6 hours before seeding
  • Solid core granules: Low-dust granular carrier that is highly resistant to crumbling