Oat Varieties

tech sheetCanterra Seeds – CS Camden

  • VERY high yields
  • Shorter stature, with better lodging resistance
  • Better grain quality than Triactor higher % plump, less thins, higher beta-glucan

tech sheetFP Genetics – AC Summit

  • High yeilding white milling oat
  • Best multi-gene crown rust resistance available
  • High demand from millers, meaning maximized returs

tech sheetFP Genetics – AAC Justice

  • High yielding white milling oat
  • Best crown rust resistance available
  • High test weight
  • High beta glucan

tech sheetSeed Depot – Souris Oats

  • Excellent Yield potential
  • Souris is the shortest oat on the market
  • Heaviest test weight – with smaller seed
  • Earliest – 3-4 days earlier than Furlong, Summit
  • Best crown rust resistance
    • resistant to stem rust
    • resistant to loose & covered smut
  • Accepted by all North American Oat Millers. . .
    Reccomended by Quaker