Soybean Varieties

tech sheetNSC Arnaud RR2Y– 2500 CHU

  • Exceptional yield potential
  • Tall variety with good pod height
  • Branchy growth habit suitable for wide row spacing up to 30″

tech sheetNSC Jordan RR2Y– 2500 CHU

  • Suitable for 30″ rows
  • Aggressive plant
  • Richers big brother

tech sheetNSC Richer RR2Y– 2475 CHU

  • Top yielding mid- to long-season line
  • Tall variety with exceptional branching and podding
  • Ideal variety for planter for 20”-30” rows

tech sheetNSC Starbuck RR2X – 2425 CHU

  • Variety with good IDC and excellent disease package
  • Offers high yield and fits all soils
  • Stands well with good tolerance to white mould

tech sheetNSC Gladstone RR2Y – 2375 CHU

  • Tall plant closes canopy very quickly
  • Excellent fit for growers with planters who are looking for an early variety

tech sheetNSC Austin RR2Y – 2375 CHU

  • Very strong yielding variety
  • Early – to mid-season maturity
  • Superior white mould resistance and strong disease package
  • Well-suited to highly productive soils

tech sheetNSC Reston RR2Y – 2325 CHU

  • Very early maturing
  • Most popular variety in western Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan
  • Very stable yielder under a wide range of environmental conditions

tech sheetNSC StarCity RR2X– 2250 CHU

  • The first early maturing soybean variety with the new Xtend trait
  • Taller grower habit with good yield potential
  • A must for growers who need to manage their use of glyphosate to prevent resistance
  • Does well in reduced tillage

tech sheetNSC Watson RR2Y – 2250 CHU

  • Ultra early maturing variety – suitable for black, dark brown, and brown soil zones of Saskatchewan
  • Very strong early-season vigour
  • Very good height due to extended lower internode
  • Very characteristic leaf shape makes this variety easy to identify

tech sheetNSC Leroy RR2Y – 2225 CHU

  • Super ultra early maturing – the earliest in Western Canada
  • Great variety for new soybean growers in Saskatchewan in the black soil zone
  • Tall and upright plant structure

tech sheetNSC Mollard LL – 2450 CHU

  • Only variety with the Liberty Link trait
  • Good choice for growers who plant RoundUp Ready canola and want to rotate herbicide groups
  • High pods make for easy harvest

NorthStar Genetics conducts an extensive soybeans research program in Southern Manitoba. We use this data to decide which seeds will work best in your area, and all of this data is available to you by visiting the link below.