Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat Varieties

tech sheetSeed Depot – Cardale 

  • Slightly Higher Yielding than checks
  • Semi-dwarf – Good Lodging
  • FHB Resistance…solid MR
  • Good disease package available
  • Protein…slightly higher than Coop Checks

tech sheetSeCan – AAC Brandon

  • Grain yield 105% of AC Carberry over all sites in 2009 to 2011 Coop Registration trials
  • Height 1 cm shorter than AC Carberry
  • Good leaf and stem rust resistance

FP Genetics – Viewfield

  • Excellent protein to yeild ratio
  • Ready for commercial release in fall of 2017

tech sheetAlliance – AAC Elie

  • Performs in all environments consistently and efficiently
  • Semi-dwarf, short stature, excellent standabliity
  • Excellent lodging resistance, better than AC Andrew
  • Efficient use of time when it counts – less straw

Canadian Prairie Spring Wheat Varieties

tech sheetSeCan – AAC Penhold

  • Improved lodging tolerance compared to 5700PR and 5701PR
  • Significantly shorter than 5700PR and 5701PR
  • Early maturing, 2 days earlier than 5700PR
  • Very large seed size and heavy test weight

tech sheetAlliance- SY Rowyn

  • High yield potential
  • Unique marketing opportunities with CPSR in Canada, US DNS
  • Short statue with excellent agronomy

Canadian Northern Hard Red Wheat Varieties


tech sheetSeed Depot – Faller

  • Very High yield potential – 20% higher yield than Brandon in Seed MB 2016
  • Medium straw strength
  • Good disease package

tech sheetSeed Depot – Prosper

  • Very similar to Faller  – Prosper is one of the highest yielding wheats in North Dakota
  • Medium straw strength
  • Good disease package

Canadian Western Special Purpose Wheat Varieties

Syngenta – SY087

  • Special purpose wheat (feed)
  • High yielding special purpose wheat

Winter Wheat Varieties

tech sheetCanterra – AC Emerson

  • Rated R, the best FHB rating on the market!
  • CWRW milling class
  • Improved winter hardiness over CDC Falcon and Flourish

tech sheetSeed Depot – AAC Gateway

  • Higher yielding than Checks
  • Similar height to Falcon
  • Excellent disease package
  • Lodging. . . Better than all checks
  • Protein. . . Higher than all checks
  • Excellent milling characteristics
  • Medium Maturity